C'est Moi

Paintings that have pricing are without tax, shipping(packaging) and insurance. Also any print is without tax, shipping(packaging) and insurance.

Prints are available for all paintings and photos.  They are however only available on three grades of canvas and on water color paper.
The top grade of canvas has a maximum size of 44 inches by 32 inches (appx. depending on quality)  and that is the same for water color paper.
The second grade of canvas can be 48 inches by 8 feet long.
The third and coarsest grade of canvas is 17 feet wide and comes in 100 ft rolls or larger.
Prints start at 8 1/2 by 11 inches.
Because all are custom prints there are no specific numbered runs.  Each print is numbered as to it's place in the sequence, i.e. 1 of 1...2 of 2 etc.
Pricing depends on the size and type of reproduction, painting,  photograph, digital art etc.

There are however Standard sizes for the fine grade canavas and water color paper.  The price is by the size of material and not the Image, souds strange but that is how it works.

SIZES                         H2O price                      IRIS CANVAS price

8.5/11 inches            $120.00                          $180.00
11/17  inches            $150.00                          $225.00
16/20  inches            $270.00                          $405.00
22/24  inches            $375.00                          $565.00
22/32  inches            $450.00                          $675.00
28/32  inches            $555.00                          $830.00
32/33  inches            $615.00                          $925.00
32/38  inches            $675.00                          $1,020.00
32/44  inches            $750.00                          $1,125.00
34/46  inches            $900.00                          $1.350.00
METAL prints avaiable  especially for latest works

These are as close as it gets without consultation.